Water Damage Restoration Charlotte NC

Are you looking for water damage restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding area? We can help. At Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in commercial and residential water removal, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery and specialty rug cleaning, and pet and stain odor removal. We have excellent reviews and testimonials. Our clients love our great customer service and amazing results.

What Is Water Restoration In Charlotte NC?

Water restoration is typically required when your home or business experiences water damage. This damage can be from a flood, heavy rains, or malfunction of a toilet, shower, bathtub, dishwasher or clothes washer or their connections. Water damage can affect flooring, walls, furnishings and more. The moisture should be removed from your home as quickly as possible in order to prevent potential health issues that result from mold, mildew, and bacteria and further physical damage. Water restoration typically includes water mitigation as well as water damage repair. If you need profession water damage restoration service in Charlotte, NC, let Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning take care of you promptly and thoroughly

Who Offers Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC?

Highly rated Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning offers water damage restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area. Our team of professional water damage restoration technicians will help your home or business return to normal quickly after experiencing water damage.

How Much Does Water Restoration Cost In Charlotte, NC?

The cost of water restoration varies a lot depending on the severity of the damage, the area and property affected. Call Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning today at 704.790.9025 for a free estimate or visit us here to submit an estimate request online. 

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take in Charlotte, NC?

Just like the cost of water restoration services, the length of time it takes to perform water damage restoration varies from job to job. On average drying services for one room take about 72 hours and repair services will take on average one to two weeks to complete. 

What Do Water Restoration Companies Do?

At Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning, we start by offering you a free damage assessment as quickly as possible. We also provide drying services, mold and mildew treatment and prevention, and furnishing and wall repair. 

What Is A Water Restoration Technician?

Typically, a professional water restoration technician is trained to remove water from a variety of sources and causes, eliminate and prevent mold and mildew, and provide water damage restoration repair to the affected areas of your home or business. 

What Does A Water Restoration Technician Do?

A water restoration technician removes water by using professional-grade equipment to dry your home or business. Once your home has been thoroughly dried, mold and mildew can be treated, and the restoration repairs can begin.

How Can I Find Water Damage Restoration Companies Near Me?

If you are looking for a water damage restoration in your area, check out Google for suggestions. Be sure the company offers free estimates and has excellent customer reviews and references. If you are in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning is the best choice for water damage restoration near you!

What Should I Do Immediately After Water Damage?

We recommend calling a professional drying and water damage restoration business like Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning. We can provide a free estimate you can use to report this issue and start a claim with your home insurance carrier. 


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Mr Clean Carpet Cleaners do offer commercial and residential water removal and water damage restoration in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

Yes, check out our reviews on Google and our testimonials on our webpage. Our customers love us and our services. We have excellent ratings and take pride in having happy customers. 

Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning is a trusted company for water removal and water drying. Our trained professionals will get your home or business dried out quickly.

Our professional water damage restoration technicians take pride in their work and will do an excellent job for you. 

Yes, not only can we check for mold, fungal, and mildew issues, we can eliminate these problems and help you to prevent these problems from occurring again in the future. 

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